Namibia Self-Drive Safari with Kids

In der Salzpfanne von Etosha
Salt lake in Etosha National Park

Namibia… adventure, freedom and safety.

Namibia hasn’t been on our itinerary right from the beginning. When we asked our kids what they wanted to see on our world trip, both kids named giraffes, lions and elephants. So we had to reconsider our route (of course!)  and included Africa as a stop. Spoiler alert about the lions: Gregor heard the lions roar at night, but we didn’t ever see them. They just hid too well.

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Facing a travel down and anxiety while traveling

The first three months of our worldtrip ran by quite smoothly, we experienced a lot, made tons of memories, had wonderful and incountable „Wow“-moments, visited five different countries (Namibia, Qatar, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand) and stayed in about 40 different places. After three months of traveling I started feeling insecure and tired, anxious and stressed. In the beginning I thought it was just the normal „travel-down“

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